Transition Year @ St. Patrick’s Classical School

Transition year is an optional programme between Junior and Senior cycle. It has less of an academic, exams oriented focus. It concentrates more on self directed learning through informal assessment and project work.

There is a strong emphasis on self development through confidence building exercises and activities, including out of school trips and events.

Transition Year Calcutta Trip

The Transition Year option has been available in St Patrick’s Classical School since 2000. Until 2015 there was one class group enrolled but this has been expanded to two groups to cope with increased demand. Students in Transition Year are provided with a very varied curriculum that challenges them and presents them with opportunities to develop and mature both academically and socially.

It has been a noted trend that the students in recent years who have excelled in the Leaving Cert are mainly those who have done Transition Year. There are many school based projects, visiting speakers and groups, work experience and trips that help provide the student with the widest possible range of experiences.

It is from the Transition Year group that every two years a group is selected to travel to Kolkata (Calcutta) in India to work with the missionaries of charity during the Easter holidays.

The current Transition year coordinator is Mr Seamus Peppard.

Transition Year News & Events