Tommy, Hector & Laurita

October 25, 2022

Yesterday we had a great start to our well-being week in St.Pat’s. We were lucky to welcome three great Irish personalities Tommy Tiernan, Hector Ó hEochagáin and Laurita Blewitt. Most of you have heard about their recent work together on their podcast, which has over 10 millions downloads in 175 countries to date. Our whole school had an hour of fun and laughter with the three of them in our gym. Tommy started off our theme of the week, ‘gratitude’, talking about how important it is to be yourself, find what you like doing and appreciate others as you do it. He also spoke to 6th years about giving support and help to 1st if they see any bullying going on.. just sort it out!!! Tommy talked about his school life, lack of homework, study and conforming to the norm saying the school system wasn’t for him. But that is ok as over time he found what he was good at but along the way respected teachers, adults and others who guided him.

Hector on a lighter note welcomed all his ‘redhead’ brothers to the stage telling them to stick together and fight back!! Laurita kept a firm hand by mediating these two Navan men, one from Simonstown and one from the town!! The lads discussed football and general school life experiences with our students. The three opened up a q&a to the students which quickly backfired on Tommy when he was asked if he knew a certain ‘lady’ from back in the day!! They spoke fondly of their former teachers in St. Pat’s and especially Colm O’Rourke for his fine teaching back in the day and wished him well with the Royals next year!
Thanks again to Tommy, Hector and Laurita for coming to our school and we’ll hopefully see you back again.