Green Schools @ St. Patrick’s Classical School

In order to promote the whole idea of energy awareness among students and staff we are going to have an energy awareness week in the school in the first week in March. This will involve a whole range of activities designed to promote energy awareness. We are going to run a competition entitled “promoting energy awareness”, and students will be invited to paint a picture/poster ,write a poem, take a photograph ,design a St Pat’s green team T shirt, design a St Pat’s Green Team baseball cap or anything else a student can think of to promote energy awareness in the school.

As part of the green schools program we have to come up with a Greencode energy. This is a short phrase or mnemonic that captures the whole energy awareness program in the school. The student(s) that come up with the best green code will receive a prize. Our Greencode for litter was R.E.C.Y.C.L.E. which stands for recycle every day, cans, yop containers, lids etc.

We have lots of really cool prizes to give out to the winners in all competition and we hope to have a prize for each year and an overall prize. The parent’s council have very generously sponsored €250 for prizes. We have also received sponsorship from local business – e.g.”The Zone” have given us two €20 vouchers for energy awareness week.

Trees for St. Pat’s

St Patrick’s Classsical School has applied for 30 hardwood trees from An Coilte and the National Woodland Trust. We are expecting the trees some time after March 1st. The Green Team will consult with all the various groups in the school to decide on the best place to plant them.

Meath County Council Anti-Litter Calendar

Last September Meath County Council launched their poster competition for an anti-litter 2010 calendar. Lots of entries were received from all over the county. St Pat’s entered its four best posters as judged by Mr Ahern.

We were delighted when David Hamillton’s poster was picked as one of the 12 posters for the calendar.

David’s picture can be seen on the calendar providing the picture for the month of October.
David’s winning poster is the image on the left here.

Water Consumption

As we all know from now on both schools and homes are going to be charged ever increasing fees for our water supplies. School will be charged approximately €5 for every person on the premises from next September. Even though we are not on the water component of the green flag we applied for and received special devices to put in toilets to keep the amount of water used per flush to an absolute minimum. We are also looking at the possibility of rainwater harvesting in the school.