Sports Day 2023

May 18, 2023

The sun came out for a magnificent Sports Day 2023 in St Pat’s.

 Students had fantastic fun all day- whether they were enjoying all the inflatables such as the Bronco Bull, Bubble Soccer ,a gladiator competition and much more or competing to win events, such as the ‘Strongman’ event, the high, jump, the long jump, the shot put, sprints, and more.

 Students took break during the day from all the action to enjoy a beautiful burger, fresh fruit and refreshing milk.


A huge thank you to John Moyle’s and his fantastic staff who worked tirelessly all day to prepare the delicious burgers, salads and refreshments for all students and staff.

 A thank you to Ms. Mary Luddy and her ice-cream van who is supplied cool ice cream and cool refreshments during the day.

 A special mention to Tom Condon, who looked after the energetic music on the day.


A day like the school Sports Day only can happen with a team of helpers and organisers.

A very special thank you to the PE department (Mr Ciaran Murphy, Mr Felim O’Reilly, Mr Shane O Rourke and Mr Daniel O Neill), our school Care Team, the students Council, all our staff and school management.


Finally, the day would not run so smoothly without the teamwork of all our staff.

Every teacher/staff played a role in ensuring that all the activities were supervised safely, competitions ran fairly and the food distributed in a calm organised manner.


Thank you to all who made the day so enjoyable and memorable.