Canteen @ St. Patrick’s Classical School

The modern School Canteen Facility available at St. Pat’s provide wholesome, nutricious food for both students and staff alike.

The canteen is managed by John Moyles, owner of JM Food Services, the company that operates the canteen. John is assisted by his staff from the manufacturing unit. The canteen unit and staff are continually monitored under the watchful eye of the company’s quality manager who is responsible for food safety and food quality.

All meal products served in the canteen are made from what is known in the food trade as ‘first principles’. This means that all hot meal solutions are cooked from scratch by the company’s team of chefs fresh every day.

Where possible all ingredients are sourced locally and the company uses only 100% Irish beef which is also sourced locally. There are no added additives, colourings or preservatives used in any meals and all the salad products are sourced locally too.

Weekly Menu

The weekly menu includes:

  • Chicken Curry with Rice
  • Hot Chicken Fillet Roll
  • Cheese Burger+Wedges
  • Fresh Bread Pizza
  • Fresh Soup
  • Freshly Made Rolls with a Selection of Fillings

Also available are:

  • Celtic Pure Bottled Water+Juice
  • Selection of Fresh Fruit
  • Healthy Snacks/Breakfast Bars

Toast and Cereals now being served every morning.