Covid 19 Visitor Protocols

Covid 19 Visitor Protocols

In line with the HSE, the DES and JMB guidelines all members of St. Patrick’s Classical School Community and visitors are requested to work together to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in school.

Any persons who are in the higher risk demographic should not enter the school especially if they are cocooning or self-isolating.

To ensure safety for all, the door on the hospital side of the school will be the only door used by parents/visitors to access and exit the school building.


Procedures to follow to Access School


  • Please contact the school office in advance to book a time slot to enter the building.(046-9023772)
  • When you arrive at the school at your designated time slot, please phone the school to say you arrived and wait for further instruction.
  • Please wear a face covering and sanitize your hands before entering the building and proceed to the school office only.
  • A school secretary will sign you into a contact log book (A contact log book will be kept of those entering/leaving the premises. The date and time will be recorded to comply with current obligations of our BOM under employer and occupier’s liability.)
  • All persons in the school are required to practice appropriate social distancing and keep a distance of at least one metre from each other. This applies to meet and greet situations, meetings etc.
  • No handshakes.
  • Please conduct your business in the school in a timely manner.
  • Any parent or visitor who has travelled abroad recently are requested to follow the HSE guidelines on this matter.
  • Where possible the school will attempt to conduct online meetings with parents/guardians via Google Meet.

If you have a scheduled appointment and feel unwell or develop symptoms, please cancel your appointment immediately and re-schedule your appointment.