Launch of Old St. Pat’s School Records

Launch of Old St. Pat’s School Records

As part of the ever-expanding new school website St. Pat’s have launched a new archive of past school records available to view online. The project undertaken by TY students and overseen by Mr. Moore witnessed over 35 years of school records from 1932 – 1968 being committed to soft copy for the public to look back over. School Principal Mr. O’Rourke believed it was important to remember the school’s past students by having the school’s records on the new website and thought it is great that past students can search for themselves to remind them about their time in the school.
The work lasted a number of months as students first scanned the original hand-written files and turned these into a readable image. Next was the hard part as almost two-hundred pages of names were entered into an Excel document that will aid those searching for themselves, fathers, grandfathers and other relatives. This painstaking work was carried out by both Transition Year classes with five students in particular, Andrew O’Neill, Dan O’Connell, Dylan Carrig, Oscar Rogan and Ryan Sheridan, working tirelessly to ensure all the information was as correct as could be hoped.


Left to Right: Ryan Sheridan, Oscar Rogan, Daniel O’Connell (seated) Dylan Carrig (standing)

With these past records you will now be able to look at information about the year the students was in the school, student’s name and date of birth, the year they registered, number of days attendance, student’s address and the page number for the PDF/image link. For anyone who is interested in looking at the past records, both documents are now available on the St Pats website.

To find a past student what is recommended is that you first open the St. Pat’s Pupil List PDF (807KB) and search for the past-pupil you are looking for. One of the easiest ways to do this is by pressing “CTRL” and “F”. A small window will open and from there you can type in the name of the person and you will be taken to their name. Beside every student there will be a page number.

If you then download the Past Records of St Pats PDF (266MB), you can then go to this page number and look for the student. Finally because of the size of this 2nd PDF file it is recommended that you download this on a home computer with a good internet speed.
– Andrew O’Neill