TY News Dec 2016

TY News Dec 2016

TY News: The last few weeks have been very eventful for TY’s with Matt Carthy coming in on the 18th of November, Matt Carthy is an MEP in the European Parliament and he talked to us about issues such as Brexit, how there should be a united Irish response to it, as well as the impact Donald Trump will have on Ireland.

Also a film group came in and each class shot two movies which were both enjoyable and interesting. Two weeks ago also there was a Dragons Den type competition in Room 39 with all the TY mini businesses in the school entering. Eventually Videogrinds.ie an online grinds website for Junior Cert students were chosen as the winner and as their prize they received an iPad. Finally TY’s also completed driving lessons last week and we each got 20 minutes driving in the car with the instructor. Thankfully no one had any crashed and it was enjoyed by all!

Conor Curtis

TY Trips: On Monday the 11th of December both TY classes travelled to Dundrum as part of their Christmas trip. Ice-skating was the main event of the day with all students excited to go on the ice. That being said, with a few notable exceptions many of the students found ice-skating difficult and challenging with many falls along the way. Thankfully there were no major bumps or bruises and overall the experience was a great one with every student ‘happy out’.

Kyle MacSheain

TY Mini Businesses: The TY mini businesses this year have been up to the usual high standard this year, with many new unique ideas being presented along with the annual best sellers such as the Murphy’s gloves and Last Man Standing.

There are over ten different mini businesses this year which Include: Flavoured Gumshields, Videogrinds.ie, Last Man Standing, St Pat’s Gear Bags, St Pat’s Bands, St Pat’s Hats, Murphy’s Gloves, Running Spikes Covers, Training Jerseys, Windcheaters, and Toddler Safety Hats. Many more businesses are said to be on their way. Among three of the most interesting:

  • VideoGrinds.ie: This business has already won awards proving that the 19 Junior Certificate A’s between the three students involved has paid off. Website will be made public soon.
  • St.Pat’s Bands: With 75 sales in their first 3 days of business St. Pat’s Bands have started well. They are selling for just 2 Euro, which may explain why John and Michael (our ever helpful care-takers) said they will both buy 5 bands each!
  • Toddler Safety Hats: arguably the first business this year. The purpose is to protect young toddlers from the banging their heads off sharp objects or for when they fall over. This helps prevent them from getting head injuries . The creator of the business Jack Harte stated that he has made over 30 sales making him an immense profit. Jack is very passionate about protecting the young people of Ireland, he came up with the slogan, “You Can’t Put a Price On Safety.”

Patrick Keating