Mother Teresa & St. Patrick’s Classical School

Mother Teresa & St. Patrick’s Classical School

Mother Teresa made a saint by Pope Francis as tens of thousands flock to Vatican City for canonisation ceremony Pilgrims flooded St Peter’s Square where Pope Francis hosted a Mass and canonisation of nun Mother Teresa, who was known as the “saint of the gutters” for her work with poor people in India On Sunday, September 4th. History was made as Pope Francis declared Mother Teresa, Saint Teresa Of Kolkata.

Mother Teresa was born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu in 1910 into a Kosovan-Albanian family in an area that is now part of Macedonia. She joined the Loreto order at the age of 18 and lived at Loreto Abbey in Rathfarnham, Dublin. After leaving for India she received what she described as a “call within a call” to work and live among the poor, eventually moving to Kolkata (then known as Calcutta). In 1950, she set up the Missionaries of Charity with 12 followers. Today, the order has 5,600 members, and hundreds of thousands of lay volunteers, and runs orphanages, schools, homes for the sick and dying, shelters for the homeless, health clinics and other services in 139 countries. In 1979, Mother Teresa – by then an iconic global figure – won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mother Teresa died in 1997 and was beatified – the first step towards sainthood – in 2003. She became Saint Teresa on Sunday, September 4th after the Vatican credited her with two miracles. Mother Teresa’s First Miracle The story of Monica Besra and her abdominal tumour in 2001. “There was no way any doctor would have operated on me at that hour,” Besra stated. She was writhing in pain in a home that was run by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity on Sept. 5, 1998. “So the nuns just started praying and kept a Mother Teresa medallion on my stomach. The pain subsided, and the tumour vanished.”

Every second year at Easter, Transition Year students have embarked on their trip to Kolkata (Calcutta), India. Here in Kolkata, TY students worked closely with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. The trip originated out of a partnership that developed between the school and the Bridge Foundation, a charity based in Calcutta. Through this partnership, the students of TY with the generous support of their parishes have been able to provide the money to build an after school facility. This after school facility provides care, tuition and a safe environment for slum children.

Liam Fagan